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Yachting to Isla Mujeres

Yatching to Isla Mujeres

Yachting… as stylish and upscaled as it seems its actually one of the most common things to do in Cancun, having plenty of water bodies around like the gorgeous Nichupte Lagoon system and the Canals that connect the lagoon to the sea, people sailing and having fun on yatchs can be seen on daily basis.

Yatching to Isla Mujeres

Side view of the “Sea Horse”.
Photo courtesy of Laura Winfree

So, is it strange at all to host a party on a boat, right? Not at all! And that is just what a few of Mexico´s top female bloggers did a couple of weeks ago on the “Sea Horse” a beautiful yacht at the Sunset Marina & Yatch Club located in the Hotel Zone.

The day was a bit cloudy, everyone thought it would rain but as it often happens in Cancun it didn´t! So, a fun gang of beautiful ladies starting with the honoured Jessica Seba, a.k.a Mexican At Heart who decided to have her family and closest friends in Cancun for her Bachelorette Party!

Bachelorette Party in Cancun

Girls just wanna have fun!
Photo courtesy of Jessica Seba

At noon the entire party sailed away through Nichupte Lagoon all the way to the  beautiful Isla Mujeres where it stood for a couple of hours. Neverimind the clouds, the water was still warm and crystal clear so no wonder why blogger Laura Winfree ( is obssesed about Isla Mujeres and North Beach particularly.

Sharing love and friendship stories, enjoying the beautiful scenery and being pampered on board by the crew who passed along a good amount of drinks and snacks for the lovely ladies, the party was really on!

Cancun long time residents and experts Kristin Busse (What Am I Still Doing In Cancun) and Kelly McLaughlin (Cancun Canuck) shared to the newbies their all time favorite spots and things to do in Cancun and the Riviera Maya plus some amazing Mexico lifetime stories.

It is really no surprise that more cool girls like Jessica are coming to Cancun for a few days of relaxation and fun since its one of the safest places for women to travel within Mexico and the Caribbean.

Shallow waters of North Beach

The view of North Beach from the Sea Horse.

Fine dining, luxury hotels and spas, archaeological sites, lush jungles and cenotes for the more adventurous ladies, exclusive brands for a fabulous shopping spree and white sand beaches is –along with diamonds- basically everything a girl could ever want, isn´t it?

But if you aren´t having a party with your girlfriends or your family you can still enjoy a day on a Catamaran boat from Cancun to Isla Mujeres, swim and snorkel, have a delicious meal with unlimited drinks and just be happy living the moment in this beautiful scenery.

So, why don´t you stop day dreaming about a girlfriend´s getaway or just a getaway and start packing? We are sure once you get to Cancun you´ll start looking for the perfect yatch to have your own private bash like our friend Jessica just did!