Traveling to Cancun Mexico for the first time tips


Are you planning to travel to Cancun Mexico? The city is no longer just the place for spring breakers, anyone can enjoy a vacation in the beautiful surroundings of Mexico’s vibrant city of Cancun. If this will be your first time, here are the top travel tips to consider when traveling to Cancun Mexico. This is the trip of a lifetime!

Traveling to Cancun Mexico for the first time tips

Customs can be chaotic

First things first, you might be daunted when you make it to customs at the Cancun airport. The process is a free-for-all. It’s important not to follow the crowd here – go for the shortest line, as we say – it’s a free-for-all! Be patient, you’re already there, paradise is just a few steps ahead! Don’t forget to look for some free maps before leaving.

Show me the money! 

Whilst most places accept dollars, it may not always be the best idea for vacationers to pay with them. The exchange rate can often be volatile and you may not get your money’s worth if you pay in USD. So you’re paying for goods over 100 pesos in particular, make sure you pay in the local currency to get the most from your money.

You (really) need the sunscreen

traveling to cancun mexico

Most of the beaches in Cancun are certified Blue Flag for their clean, crystal waters

Trust us, you’ll need it! Even when you don’t feel like you need to slap it on, make sure you do – this way you’ll avoid the nasty side effects and won’t be stuck at the hotel cowering indoors and nursing your burnt skin for the duration of your stay.

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Bus, bus, bus!

The convenience and comparative luxury of taxi may seem like the obvious choice for vacationers, but any seasoned traveler will tell you that Cancun actually has an incredible bus service – so make sure you make the most of it! You may not expect this – but the bus transportation system is safe and affordable. In the “Hotel Zone” you can travel anywhere for $1, so this is something you should definitely consider to help you get around for less. Also, be aware of the location of your Cancun Hotel, as some of the principal attractions may be closer than you think and a good walk is always recommended.

Know when to haggle!

A top Cancun travel tip is knowing when to haggle. Haggling isn’t something that occurs much in the States, but in Mexico, the rules are a little different. Obviously in some places prices are non-negotiable, but in others you can easily push down the asking price with a little work. We know that haggling can make some people break into a sweat because it’s such an alien concept to a lot of people, but in some places the pay-off is definitely worth it. At Cancun’s famous Mercado 28, haggling is definitely advised to help you get the best price you possibly can for your goods and souvenirs. Not this never, NEVER works on a resort.

Always stay hydrated

The temperatures can go off the scale, so staying hydrated is vital to keep you healthy while you’re away. Most restaurants supply bottled water, so you can get it easily wherever you go in the city – no excuses!

Forget about burgers… The cuisine is exquisite!

traveling to cancun mexico

Fried Chicken Tacos, one of the most cherished Mexican specialties

Genuine Mexican cuisine may be a little different to what you’ve had at home. Though you may be daunted at first, try as much as you can – you may find an unexpected delight nestled in the menus of Cancun’s excellent restaurants.

Get the best of both worlds

Being Mexico’s number one coastal vacation destination, Cancun has some incredible beaches. They’re perfect for tranquil relaxation, for lazing in the sun and indulging in some well needed ‘me time’. But don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the vibrant night life, or thinking that side of things is just for the college kids running amok on spring break.  The night life is frankly legendary and not to be missed for avid party goers of any age. The City Nightclub is a particular highlight – the venue can hold nearly 5,000 people, so you never know who you’ll meet, and the talented DJs make it an unmissable experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come. Here at Olympus Tours, we can help you check this one off your bucket list!

The tours are incredible

traveling to cancun mexico

The palace at Tulum Archaeological site, the only one settled by the Caribbean Sea.

As explained above, the most exciting about Cancun is the variety on offer, and we’re happy to tell you that you that it’s not necessary to stay just in the hotel zone. Traveling in Cancun is really easy, as you can go on a range of incredible tours in the area. From exhilarating adventures deep sea diving and exploring the Mayan ruins to unforgettable boat trips across the cerulean Caribbean waters. Decide exactly what you want to do before you go, so you don’t miss out on any unmissable once in a lifetime experiences. You can browse some of the Mexico travelers favorites here.