Travel to Mahahual

travel to mahahual

The Caribbean means beautiful beaches, and Mexico has not just one, but many of them. And south of Cancun, way farther than the Riviera Maya there’s a -not so hidden- jewel of this paradisiac place. Enjoy a perfect relaxing time in Mahahual with your couple or your family and discover its clear turquoise blue waters while chilling at its soft white sands beaches.

Where is Mahahual located?

Mahahual is in the south of the Caribbean Mexican shore, near to Bacalar, the Seven-color lagoon, and Chetumal, the Quintana Roo’s capital. At the end of the 20th Century, Mahahual was just a fisher unknown town. For the last 30 years it’s been a popular cruise destination, and due to its popularity, many hotels and resorts have been developed in just a couple of years.

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Things to do in Mahahual:

The most attractive activity to do in Mahahual is without a doubt scuba diving. The Mesoamerican Reef Barrier is the Second-largest World’s reef as it goes long from Cancun to Belize. Banco Chinchorro, close to Mahahual, is a Natural Protected Reserve known for its biodiversity and unique beauty, a diver’s paradise! Snorkeling is great here, too. And for sightseeing, there’s nothing like it as it is surrounded by the wild virgin jungle.

One of the largest Mexican public beaches is actually in Mahahual, where you can also find many restaurants offering great seafood -lobster included- from the region.

Where to stay in Mahahual?

Being in continuous development, there are not so many hotels yet. But don’t worry, more than 500 hotel rooms, among hostels, cabins and camping areas can be found. And if Scuba diving and sport-fishing are not for you, don’t worry, there are many activities for tourists who travel to Mahahual looking to have a great vacation.

Travel to Mahahual Mexico today!

Take a weekend break to feel the breeze in this piece of Paradise amazing with the most beautiful beaches that you’ve ever seen. Surprise your partner with an escapade and visit the Second-largest world’s reef. This is an experience you will never forget!