Most popular Mexican food you can’t stop eating when visiting Mexico

Mexico is an amazing place to visit for so many reasons; from its unique and exciting resorts to its incredible historical landmarks and immersive culture. Mexico is also famed for its delicious cuisine, which is unique in the way it varies from region to region. But forget about fajitas or nachos. We’ll show you a list of real Mexican food recipes. There are a huge number of mouth-watering treats we recommend trying while on your next visit, here are just a few of the highlights on offer for the Most popular Mexican food you can’t stop eating when visiting Mexico.

Most popular Mexican food you can’t stop eating when visiting Mexico


The tastiest sandwich you’ll ever eat – this scrumptious treat is made with pambazo bread, dipped in guajillo chile sauce and stuffed with any combination of shredded beef or pork, fried potatoes, fried beans, cheese and crunchy lettuce.

Most popular Mexican food

You can’t miss tasting a street pambazo!


This breakfast dish is very popular in Mexico, and it’s not difficult to see why! Lightly fried corn tortillas are cut into quarters and topped with salsa. Eggs (scrambled or fried depending on how you like them), pulled chicken, and a good dose of cheese and cream are added on top – making chilaquiles the perfect way to start your day!

Most popular Mexican food

Chilaquiles taste better as an afterparty breakfast.


Tacos are a dish you’ve probably tried at some point in your life, but the ones served in the States are often vastly different to the traditional Mexican fare. Hard shelled tacos are rarely seen on true Mexican menus, and the dish often comes in orders of five.

Most popular Mexican food

Real tacos come in soft, warm tortillas! Tacos are not supposed to be crispy and cold!


Now, when you learn what these are you might be put off, but trust us, they are delicious! Native to Central Mexico, Escamoles are ant larvae, and they were once considered a delicacy by the ancient Aztecs. Escamoles can be found in tacos or omelets or served as their own incredible dish. They’re most commonly pan fried with butter and spices, and have a slightly nutty taste.

Most popular Mexican food

You won’t believe how delicious ant eggs are!


If you’re looking for something to warm you up on a chillier evening, pozole is the perfect choice. Chicken, pork, and vegetarian pozole is on offer in many restaurants up and down the country. Traditionally stewed for hours on end, pozole is made from corn and a delicious combination of herbs and spices. It is then sprinkled with lettuce, radish, onion, lime and chili.

Most popular Mexican food

In ancient times, pozole was made from human sacrifices


While stale tortillas may not sound appealing, tostadas are truly a treat that should be missed when vacationing in Mexico. The dish is a simple one made of stale tortillas fried in boiling oil to make them golden and crunchy. They can be adorned with any combination of toppings, so there’s a tostadas to suit any taste or mood.


A staple of Mexican street food, elote is a delectable treat to try at least once during your stay in Mexico. Corn is traditionally fried and served on a stick, for you to eat like a lollipop, or the kernels are shaved off the cob and served in a cup for you to snack on. It is typically seasoned with salt, chilli powder, lime, butter, and/or sour cream.

Most popular Mexican food

Elotes are selled on the streets at night. They’re juicy and spicy. Awesome!


So, you’ve probably tried this one before – but not the true Mexican way! Enchiladas date all the way back to the time of the Mayans, but they’ve changed a bit over the years. Nowadays flour tortillas are filled with any (or all!) of the following: meat, seafood, cheese, beans, and vegetables. Stuffed to the brim, the tortillas are the covered in chili sauce for a delicious kick.

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You may have seen these on the menu at Mexican restaurants in the States, but nothing compares to the authentic real deal. Flautas are a filling of your choosing – be it pork, or just plain cheese – neatly wrapped up in a flour tortilla. The tortilla is deep fried to give it a delicious crunch, and it is usually served with shredded lettuce and queso fresco on top. Yum!

Most popular Mexican food

The only “crispy” taco allowed in Mexico are Flautas


Tamales are another ancient dish that has endured in popularity right up to the modern day. First developed by the Aztecs, Mayans, and Inca’s as hearty nourishment to take into battle, they are still a popular dish in Mexico and beyond. Corn dough is stuffed with mouth-watering fillings, wrapped in cornhusks and steamed. Once again, the fillings can be pretty much anything you’d like – sweet or savory!

So there you have it – our top picks of Mexican cuisine! Which of these is your favorite? Or, if you’re visiting Mexico for the first time, which are you most excited to try? Let us know!