Cool things to do in Japan that you can’t miss on your next visit

Japan is an incredible place to vacation, with a vibrant culture and possibly the friendliest locals on the planet! The country has a million and one incredible experience on offer, the choice can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the Top Cool things to do in Japan that you can’t miss on your next visit.

Cool things to do in Japan

Have Tea at a Cat Café

The Japanese are famous for their love of all things feline, and while cat cafes are now spreading to other parts of the world, they have their origins in Japan. If you don’t know what a cat café is – imagine having a drink and a slice of delicious cake all while petting the world’s cutest kitties. The cat cafés of Japan are the best in the world, so while they’re often very busy, it’s best to book in advance and not miss the experience!

Take a Rickshaw Tour

popular things in japan

Taking a rickshaw tour is a must when visiting Japan

First of all, you need to try a sightseeing experience in a city. Rickshaws are an unusual mode of transport, rarely seen in America, so when traveling to Japan there’s no better way to enjoy the sights. Hop aboard a traditional Japanese rickshaw for an unforgettable viewing experience of the country’s capital .

Sample the Cuisine

Japanese cuisine is exquisite, so make sure you spend time trying out all the amazing food on offer. From real sushi to soba, to shabu-shabu, you can taste it all in Japan’s fabulous and funky eateries. You can even try making the traditional dishes yourself, with a home cooking class!

Experience a High-Speed Train trip

The idea of a bullet train that races up to speeds of 200 miles per hour may seem scary to many people – but Japan’s Shinkansen is world renowned for its safety. In its 50 year history, there has never been a single accident or death on the network – so you can enjoy the experience without a worry!

Visit a National Park

Cool things to do in Japan

Japan landscapes look like they’ve been taken from paintings… amazing!

Every country has its own unique nature and landscape, and Japan’s is truly breathtaking. You can see it in all its glory at Nikko National Park. The park is a must visit attraction – you can spend all of your day strolling among the trees, marveling at the mountains, or visiting the Toshogu Shrine – a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.

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Do Some Karaoke

If you think you know karaoke, think again! The Japanese take their karaoke very seriously, so the experience is far superior to the karaoke in any other county. Their equipment is far better, and the soundproofing of the karaoke box goes above and beyond what you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Every bar is guaranteed to have a full selection of English songs too, so you’d be mad not to try it at least once during your stay! By far one of the top cool things to do in Japan.

Karaoke is taking very seriously in Japan, give it a try!

Become a Ninja

Cool things to do in Japan

This is your childhood’s dream come true: Become a Ninja in Japan!

Seems that getting certified as an ancient assassin is considered fun stuff to do in Japan. Because while in Japan you can become a certified ninja – at least for a day! Being a ninja takes skill, stealth, athleticism, cunning, and cleverness, so, if you think you’ve got what it takes, a day’s Ninja training is on offer at Akame Sijuhachitaki and Ninja no Mori, located in the Mie prefecture.

Get a Massage

In between exploring and experiencing the culture, every vacationer needs a healthy dose of relaxation. Getting a message is the perfect way to do this, and the Japanese have some incredible traditional techniques that will keep you chilled out for the rest of your stay.

Cool things to do in Japan

Getting a traditional bamboo stick massage is a perfect choice after a long day in Japan

See a Kabuki show

Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese entertainment, and UNESCO deemed it as a cultural heritage art form – so don’t miss it if you want to experience every cultural aspect of the country. The dramatic flair and showy appearance of Kabuki is guaranteed to make any night one to remember.


Traditional Japanese Stage Show at Edo Tokyo Museum, Tokyo


Go on the Ultimate Shopping Experience

Japan’s vibrant culture means the goodies and souvenirs on offer are like nothing else you’ll find anywhere else in the world. Kooky and cool, you can buy everything from couture clothing to traditional Japanese sweets not available in the States. Harajuku’s Takeshita Street is one popular shopping destination that is always bustling, therefore,  whether you’re buying gifts for friends or relatives, or treating yourself, a shopping trip will be the perfect way to spend a day.