What Are The Most Romantic Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta On A Friday Night?

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta´s Malecon

All of the sudden Friday night is here and with it an inevitable question comes up… what to do? It also happens that you are in Mexico on a romantic getaway with your boo and you just are not sure of what are the most romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta, you want a surprise but what do you do?

Arches of Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta has been holding its romantic status since the 60s.


Panic! Nah, though there are a few things to take into consideration because, well, you are in one of the most romantic places of the Americas and well, you know Mexico, the country just oozes romance, right?

So problem No. 1 solved! Now that you are not panicking and after putting some thought to this important question, we considered different budgets situations and activities and narrowed it down to the three most romantic things to do in Puerto Vallarta, please take note:

Sunset in Puerto Vallarta´s Malecon

The pedestrial promenade or “Malecon” is a no brainer for a date night in Puerto Vallarta.


A stroll down the Malecon: This options suits every kind of budget and most of people´s preferences, you can get ready around 5 or 6pm and then walk to the city´s Malecon. This pedestrian walk is right on the bay and if you get there early enough you can get a good spot to admire the sunset on Banderas Bay. Street performers and artists gather in this iconic place so there´s music, an artwalk and craft vendors. Pose next to the beautiful sculptures that are placed along the way and smell the ocean. You can also go for a bite in one of the restaurants, cafes and tabernas nearby this promenade.

Sunset sailing in Puerto Vallarta

Get setting, romance and the sunset on a sail boat, could you ask for more?


Sail towards the sunset: This has to be one of the most romantic friday night day ideas EVER! Picture yourself and your other half on board of a beautiful sailboat, feeling the ocean breeze, trying to put a name to all the warm colors of the sunset while sipping wine and eating some delicious hors d´oeuvres. Although it requires a little more money to take this sunset cruise it is totally worthed. Feeling like you are staring your own romantic movie? Priceless.

Aztec performance in Las Caletas

A 5 star dinner and live performance with fire sound exciting.


Night Cruise: A catamaran would be our vehicle of choice for this date. You will be boarding the boat just in time to catch the sun setting over the ocean until you get to the iconic Las Caletas. This beach became a landmark back in the late 1960s when Hollywood director John Huston came to the area to film The Night Of The Iguana (staring golden couple Liz Taylor and Richard Burton) and decided to build a house on this beach. Years have passed and now its one of the go-to places around Vallarta. Once you get to this beautiful place sunrrounded by lush jungle you will enjoy a 5 star dinner along with an aztec nightshow that includes fire… which sort of reminds us of the 80s flick Joe Versus The Volcano. Are you still feeling like you are the star of your own Hollywood classic movie?

There you have it, three options for three different budgets, taste and couples, each and everyone of them has a special something that will remain in your memory for many years to come and why not, one of the most romantic and fun friday nights you will ever live.