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Puerto Vallarta: A Mexican spot you don’t want to miss

Why you can’t miss Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta is a popular Mexican beach resort city located in the state of Jalisco, on the west coast of Mexico facing the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It´s perfect weather and stunning landscapes make it a favorite for tourists from around the world, especially from the United States. Americans seem to love the mixture of a relaxed, classic environment with the latest in accomodation features. It’s one of the top beach destinations in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarte (often shortened to PV by locals) offers a great variety of things to do. One of the most important spots to look up to when you travel to this beautiful place is Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon: 1 Mile You don’t want to miss. The Malecon (seaside front) is about one mile long and stretches from the Hotel Rosita in the North all the way to the Los Muertos Beach in the South. Here you’ll find a little bit of everything you’d typically expect to find in a seaside Mexican resort. We’ll aim to provide a complete guide here to what you can expect to find.

The Malecon is largely aimed at tourists and is over 80% pedestrianised. A great place where you’ll find everything, from statues to restaurants, bars, shows, entertainment and stores, all along a stunning scenery. The Malecón is open day and night, so don’t think you can rest once it gets dark, that’s when the local nightlife starts!

Famous for its sculptures and fountains

Puerto Vallarta is famous for its sculptures. Although start to finish we’re only talking about one mile or around twelve blocks, a lot of sculptures have been packed in.

These sculptures (sometimes incorporating fountains) have been donated over the years by local artists and really add a special charm when visiting. There are so many sculptures that’s almost imposible to check them all, be sure you dont’ miss The Boy in the Seahorse, the Sublte Rock Eater and the Rotunda of the Sea.




There are many designer stores, shops and boutiques to visit during your stay in Puerto Vallarta. Along the Malecon there are a number of shopping malls including international brands; keep in mind that prices along the Malecon are generally quite high. If you’re looking for a bargain perhaps shop in the areas running parallel (e.g. Juarez and Morelos). In terms of what you can buy it’s everything you could imagine including beautiful crafts (glassware, handicrafts, pottery) and unique artwork from the area. Also you’ll find blankets, clothing (including T-shirts), jewelry, mirrors, sombreros and of course souvenirs of your stay.

Restaurants and Bars

If you would like to stop at a restaurant or bar when at the Malecón then you won’t be disappointed. There are over 250 restaurants, here are some of the tourists favorites:

Street and seaside artists

As you walk along the Malecón you’ll inevitably encounter a variety of street and seaside artists. These can vary depending on when you visit but could include Voladores (dance of the flying men), sand sculptors, street performers covered in sand, artists (for portraits and caricatures) and much more. We know words can’t describe exactly what you’ll experience, why not make a visit to find out for yourself?


Beaches and panoramic scenes

Puerto Vallarta is blessed with a rich variety of beaches, suitable for families and various tastes depending upon exactly what you are looking for.

We’ve separated the beaches into North, Central (Downtown and Romantic Zone) and South. Any of these beaches will be great to visit during your stay in Puerto Vallarta:

  • North – Boca de Tomates, Playa de Oro and El Holi
  • Downtown – Playa Camarones
  • Romantic Zone – Los Muertos (see image below) and Olas Altas
  • South – Las Amapas, Conchas Chinas, Playa Palmares, Garza Blanca and Playa Las Gemelas



Particularly spectacular at sunrise and dusk, the beaches offer panoramic views and scenes of the local area.


Nightlife and night time

Puerto Vallarta has a rich and wild nightlife with some of the best nightspots being along the Malecón. Whatever your preference you’ll find it here from dance night clubs, to jazz clubs with releasing lounges and there is also the local speciality of evening cruises.


Each night cruise small ships cruise along the Malecon around Banderas Bay. These cater for singles, couples and families equally well. There is a large selection of food, drink and live entertainment on these cruise ships. A particular favorite is the Marigalante Treasure Land which features bar, fun activities for kids and adults, pirate show and more!


As the sun sets across Banderas Bay visitors love to view the fireworks display which light up the Malecon seven days per week.

Puerto Vallarta mixes the old fashion, traditional mexican way of life with the modern and latest touristic novelties. Sunday evenings are a little special; celebrate with a traditional Mexican evening. On Sunday’s you’ll enjoy balloon sellers, cotton candy, drink sellers (e.g. Tuba and Tequino), food vendors (a variety of Mexican food treats), live music and concerts, Mexican dancing, mime artists and more. The city sightseeing is definitely a MUST during your visit.

Air travel

Air travel to Puerto Vallarta is available on various airlines who offer direct flights from a range of US locations including: Dallas, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles and Phoenix to name but a few. Airport transportation is available here.