Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

traveling to costa rica

In recent years, it’s seemed like the world is only becoming more and more unsafe. Many places are experiencing turbulence, unrest, and threats to their national security, and it seems like crime is on the rise in almost everywhere. For these reasons, many people are hesitant when they book their vacations. Today we focus on a top vacation destination in the Americas, famed for its fabulous coffee, spectacular places to visit and a huge diversity of plants and wildlife – but is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?

We’ll not talk just about crime matters, as feeling safe goes a long way. Costa Rica is famous for the biodiversity and ecosystems, and some travelers may feel unsafe in a land that may be hit by a hurricane or an implosive volcano. What about health services? Or politics? There are so many answers to the big question:



Tortuguero National Park, Rainforest, Costa Rica

In terms of climate, there are two distinct seasons in Costa Rica – the “dry” season and the “green” season, which both come with pros and cons for travelers.

The dry season lasts from around November to April, and, like it says in the name, there are often long dry spells without any rain. This is changing due to global warming, but generally, the dry season means less rain and hotter temperatures. So much so that parts of the country can start to resemble the African savannah! The Dry season is generally considered ‘high season’ and the time when most tourists travel to the country, so make sure you budget for higher costs if planning a vacation in this period.

The green season is when Costa Rica’s vegetation comes into bloom. This season usually lasts from May until November. During green season the country experiences rain daily during this period, usually in the afternoons and most often in September and October, but temperatures remain warm. The climate is also prone to storms in this season, so bare this in mind when booking your holiday. Hotels and tourism operators consider this to be ‘low season’ – particularly May, June, September, and October – so, if you don’t mind the rain, your holiday will probably cost a lot less during this period.

The Sea


People enjoying the beach during sunset in Costa Rica

When taking a dip in the sea there are always dangers wherever you are in the world. Always swim in designated areas only, and keep an eye out for pesky rocks lurking just below the surface that could be dangerous. Also you should always respect wildlife wherever you are – so don’t bother any beach dwelling animals as they may not take kindly to it! The most important thing to remember when swimming in the open ocean is to remain vigilant, and pay attention to any local safety warnings and be aware of the changing tides as much as possible.


When visiting any country for a vacation, crime is an issue that weighs on many people’s mind. While we don’t have an officil report, like anywhere in the world, certain areas of Costa Rica are prone to pickpockets and petty thieves. As long as you are vigilant, and take care not to move around urban areas with too many valuables you should be safe and sound for the duration of your trip.



Costa Rica is a democratic, free and independent republic

Costa Rica’s government is considered one of the most, if not the most, stable government in Latin America. So political unrest and uprisings like the ones seen in other parts of the world recently are unlikely to happen, at least not for the foreseeable future. Also, it is almost sure that you’ll find your country’s embassy in one of the main cities. (Keep your passport safe at all times though!)


When traveling you never know when you might fall ill – so it’s best to make sure you have insurance wherever you go. If disaster strikes while visiting Costa Rica, however, you’ll be in safe hands. The standard in Healthcare is generally very high, but keep in mind that only severe emergency medical treatment is available free of charge for visitors to the country – so it’s imperative that you do get covered by health insurance. Call your insurance company before you travel and keep informed.

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The crater and the lake of the Poas volcano in Costa Rica

So, is Costa Rica safe to travel? The simple answer is, in a word, yes. Costa Rica is actually as about as safe as it gets when it comes to the developing countries of South America. As long as you are vigilant and exercise common sense, your visit should be plain sailing. We believe you shouldn’t hesitate to book your next vacation in the country – you’ll be guaranteed an incredible experience in a beautiful country, full of brilliant people, breathtaking scenery, and opportunities of a lifetime! So what are you waiting for? Costa Rica is safe to travel, go for it! Pura Vida!