Bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world

What a creepy image to refer to Christmas, right? Christmas is that lovely time of the year when everything turns red & white, we all set up a colorful Christmas tree at home, and families gather for love and presents, waiting for Santa Claus to come… with more presents! December is a time for love, share and to be thankful. That’s for sure how you all picture this Holiday, right? But there are some Christmas traditions from around the world that you may not be aware of and that will shock you.

Christmas traditions from around the world

Have you ever wonder how do other countries celebrate Christmas? Of course, there are differences between American and European traditions. For instance: Did you know that one of the Holiday traditions in Mexico is that the kids get presents from little Baby Jesus (delivered by Santa Claus) on Christmas Eve and then from Three Kings on January 6th? And that we keep the Christmas tree and all the decoration till the end of January? (That’s not really a Mexican tradition, is just that we get lazy during the Holidays) Or that in Austria instead of Santa coming to town, there’s a creepy demon called Krampus that punishes kids that had misbehaved through the year? How bizarre is that?!

Christmas traditions from around the world

Is that Santa on the red sox? No! it’s the Italian Befana!

Keep the Christmas joy!

If you’ve lost your Christmas celebration spirit because every year you get to do the same for the Holidays, here you may find some Christmas fun ideas, just don’t expect your everyone -or the kids- to understand them.

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Christmas taditions from around the world

Do you think Santa with a coat on the beach is weird? Wait till you see the video!

Some Christmas traditions from around the world that will give you the chills; From Scary demons to flying witches and to the classic American Fried Chicken as Japan’s favorite Christmas treat (no kidding), we thought it would be fun to show you how do other countries celebrate Christmas, so we came out with a video (you can play it at the end of these lines) of the Most Bizarre Christmas Traditions from around the world that we’re sure you’ll want to share with your friends and family these Holidays.

We also hope that despite traditions, beliefs, and nationalities, you remember the most important fact about Christmas: it’s all about love and caring for each other, and no matter how you spend Christmas Eve, as long as you celebrate Life.

From everyone at the Olympus Tours Team: Happy Christmas!

How is Christmas celebrated around the world?

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