Leaving On A Jet Plane… Cheap Flights To Mexico!

The summer season started oficially yesterday and the last minute vacation plans are on, right? Have you decided where to go? Well, this cat has a pretty good idea… Cats are smart creatures. Photo: grumpycatpics.com   Thought probably most of you wouldn´t spend that much to be drinking tequila (but let´s be honest, [...]

Surf´s Up: Los Cabos Open Surf 2015

“ Ya, we´re goin´to Surf City, ´cause it´s two to one You know we´re goin´to Surf City, gonna have some fun” Jean and Dean Sun days, fun days, surfing days; this week Cabo San Lucas turns into Surf City because is Los Cabos Open Surf 2015 time baby! 2015 is the third year in [...]

10 Little Known Facts About Cancun

Our little, cozy and paradisiac hometown is having its 45th birthday today, that´s why we thought it would be a good idea to share some little known facts about Cancun so you get to know its history better. The Hotel Zona was the first area to be developed in Cancun. Photos courtesy of Cancun [...]

Riviera Maya Revival: The Sacred Mayan Journey 2015

About 500 years ago among the ancient mayan villages of Polé and the island of Kuzamil there was a vibrant commercial and cultural trade and one particular evento stood out from the rest: a visit to the Sanctuary of the Mayan Goddess Ixchel. Celebrations and blessings before the paddlers are off to Cozumel. Photo [...]