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You always rely on that fancy smartphone of yours. When setting off on your latest journey, make sure these best apps for travelers are on your phone.

Best Places To Eat In Cancun On National Taco Day.

There´s no doubt that tacos are one of the most famous food in the world, otherwise National Taco Day wouldn´t exist, am I right? So, top ay a little homage to this delicious holiday, we decided to share our picks for the best places to eat in Cancun this traditional and always yummy dish. We [...]

Things To Do In Mexico City: Get Upclose And Personal With Chiles en Nogada.

Mexico is a country with many different traditions and myths, most of them revolve around food which is a no brainer when you have been given touched by God with rich soils. A huge variety of climates and landscapes and very creative and caring people who will always find a way to use the ingredients [...]

Things To Do In Cancun: Yucatecan Food Hunting

Why we feel  one of the must things to do in Cancun has to be yucatecan food hunting? Well, because to most people´s ears, the solely mention of Cancun brings these images to their minds: insanely azure waters, white sand beaches, a never ending row of beachfront hotels, heat, guacamole and cold Margaritas. This always [...]

Why Holbox Should Be One Of Your Favorite Islands Near Cancun?

Holbox is a small island of barely 25 miles long and a little bit more than a mile wide located in the northern end of the state of Quintana Roo, along with Isla Mujeres and Contoy Island is one of the 5 mexican caribbean islands near Cancun. The name “Holbox” comes from ancient yucatecan mayan [...]

Chocolate Day

Today is chocolate day. Best day of the year as far as I’m concerned. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? No, you cannot, it’s unthinkable. A world without chocolate candy bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate fudge – the list just keeps going – is a world not worth living [...]

Will Mexico´s Archaeological Sites Ban Selfie Sticks?

We are all aware of what a selfie stick is by now, aren´t we? This device that was meant to elongue one´s arm, is connected via bluetooth to our smartphone so automatically snaps a photo of ourselves and our party anywehere is both a symbol of photography democracy (since you now skip the part of [...]

What To Drink In Mexico? Iced Tea Or Aguas Frescas.

Summer is kicking in and with higher temperature levels, humidity rises and so does the heat, you are in Mexico, you are thirsty but it might be a little too early for a cocktail  or a beer so you start asking yourself about travel etiquete and what to drink in Mexico? About 85% of [...]