Bizarre Christmas traditions from around the world

Have you ever wonder how do other countries celebrate Christmas? It not all about red & white and presents; There are some Christmas traditions from around the world that you may not be aware of and that will shock you.

The world’s most spectacular shows

If you’re looking to experience something completely new and out of the ordinary, take a look at our list of five of the world’s most spectacular shows.

10 Awesome Books To Read While Travelling.

When travelling was a major odissey and took several days or weeks to get to a place, with not many things to do, there was a lot of room for boredom, back in those days travellers would take a large amount of books to read while travelling as well as a number of everyday objects [...]

Things To Do In Mexico City: Get Upclose And Personal With Chiles en Nogada.

Mexico is a country with many different traditions and myths, most of them revolve around food which is a no brainer when you have been given touched by God with rich soils. A huge variety of climates and landscapes and very creative and caring people who will always find a way to use the ingredients [...]

Why Holbox Should Be One Of Your Favorite Islands Near Cancun?

Holbox is a small island of barely 25 miles long and a little bit more than a mile wide located in the northern end of the state of Quintana Roo, along with Isla Mujeres and Contoy Island is one of the 5 mexican caribbean islands near Cancun. The name “Holbox” comes from ancient yucatecan mayan [...]

Chocolate Day

Today is chocolate day. Best day of the year as far as I’m concerned. Can you imagine a world without chocolate? No, you cannot, it’s unthinkable. A world without chocolate candy bars, chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate fudge – the list just keeps going – is a world not worth living [...]