Best travel destinations for this year’s family vacations

The top travel destinations for 2017

2017 has come to its first half already! And you’re still wondering where to travel this year? Here at Olympus Tours, we like to think we know a thing or two about the world of travel. Seasoned travelers and first-time adventurers are always planning their next great getaway. So, if you’ve been wondering about the best travel destinations in the world, look no further than this very blog. We’re sharing our picks for the Best travel destinations for this year’s family vacations.


Discover Canada in 2017

Canada has a lot to offer, though it’s sometimes overlooked being America’s next door neighbor. You can have exciting, fun-filled weekend breaks in vibrant cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal. Or snowy countryside getaways taking in the stunning views and breath-taking scenery. In Canada, there is truly something for everyone. The county’s profile has received a well-deserved boost from a whole host of news stories in an otherwise turbulent 2016, In addition, Canadians have gained themselves a worldwide reputation for politeness and hospitality. Travelers adventuring to Canada will be guaranteed a unique experience full of memories to last a lifetime.


Mexico to soar in popularity in 2017

Tokio will host the 2020 Olympic games so book soon!

Japan is truly a place like no other. It’s one of the most unique and best travel destinations in the world. A kitsch culture with a love of cats and karaoke meets a rich heritage with a fascinating history. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who could resist. In 2017, more travelers will give into their curiosity and make their way to Japan. And the trend will go on as Tokio heads for the 2020 Olympic Games. Known for its welcoming locals and incredible cuisine, a vacation to the country will be full of unique experiences. The country’s capital, Tokyo, is also a must-visit destination for any vacation. You can take a tour around the city in a traditional rickshaw, enjoy tea surrounded by cats, and even train to be a ninja.

United States

reasons to visit usa in 2017

A vast country with a varied culture, the U.S makes a great vacation destination no matter the time of year. You can do everything you love in one country. Go shopping in the Big Apple, or soak up the sun in San Francisco or Los Angeles. The states is perfect for that big, silver-screen worthy road trip down its endless highways with your nearest and dearest – be it friends or family. And while it tops the list of best places to visit year after year


Peru is a cool place to visit in 2017

If you’re looking for an authentic experience of South America, Peru is the place for you. From the peaks of the Andes to the deepest depths of the Amazon, a vacation in Peru will help you re-connect with nature. You can hike to the highest points, or enjoy a calming boat ride out on the open waters. Not only does the beautiful country boast spectacular wild landscapes, it is also home to an age-old culture and some of the finest art in South America.  Arguably, Peru is a hidden gem in the crown of South America. 2017 will present the perfect opportunity to take in all it has to offer.


Italy makes a top 2017 vacation destination

Fine wine, sumptuous food, incredible open countryside, a rich history, and all things luxury are just some of Italy’s defining features. For a truly unforgettable vacation in 2017, a stop in Italy must be on your itinerary. You can laze around in the sun sampling the world famous wine, or you can get out on the open road to see everything this stunning country has to offer. It makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or an educational expedition. Italy has long been considered one of Europe’s finest destinations, and 2017 will be no different.



Dubai is set to be one of 2017’s hottest travel destinations

Dubai is set to emerge as one of 2017’s biggest and best travel destinations. The bright lights and brilliant beaches make it a spectacular destination. There will never be a dull moment in the most densely populated city of UAE. Dubai’s culture is unique, with some of the world’s best cuisine, enthralling entertainment, and even a whole festival dedicated to the art of shopping! In addition, you’re guaranteed blue skies nearly all year round, with rain seldom seen. For this reason, it’s a great place if you’re chasing the sun and heat on your travels.

Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka – one of 2017’s top emerging vacation destinations

Lying off the coast of India, Sri Lanka is an exotic island full of hidden treasures. Sri Lanka has a bustling atmosphere and a deep, fascinating history for you to uncover. From seeing elephants up close, to enjoying a spot of crick in the sunshine, a vacation to Sri Lanka will be an eye opening experience that will stay with you forever. In addition, the Maldives is located close by. This makes it the perfect, adventure filled pre-lude to time spent lazing on a sun-soaked beach, an idea popular with honeymooners. Whatever you decide to do, the possibilities with travel to Sri Lanka are truly endless. For this reason, it’s one of the best travel destinations for 2017.



Mexican food. Need I say more?

Mexico is one of the most exciting, vibrant, beautiful countries in the world – though we might be a bit biased! Nevertheless, we’re pleased to say that its popularity will continue to soar in 2017. Mexico has so much to offer. You can party the night away in Cancun, explore the ancient ruins of Chichen Itza, or alternatively just indulge in some world class cuisine. Mexico is a country you can visit time and time again. You’ll be certain to find something new to enjoy and explore each and every time. If you need some inspiration for activities in Mexico, we’re not short of offers on fabulous excursions. Mexico is truly one of the best travel destinations in the world, so what are you waiting for?

So there you have it! These are our top picks for the best travel destinations this year. Have we inspired your wanderlust? Where would you most like to visit?