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Best Places To Eat In Cancun On National Taco Day.

There´s no doubt that tacos are one of the most famous food in the world, otherwise National Taco Day wouldn´t exist, am I right? So, top ay a little homage to this delicious holiday, we decided to share our picks for the best places to eat in Cancun this traditional and always yummy dish. We [...]

Conscious Travel: A Day At Haiti Chiquito, Punta Cana.

As we have stated before, in recent times travellers have become more conscious of the world and environment that surround them, it could have something to do with ecology and environmental issues, fair trade, education, and helping those in need. We are aware of this as we know it as conscious travel. Recently, our Punta [...]

10 Awesome Books To Read While Travelling.

When travelling was a major odissey and took several days or weeks to get to a place, with not many things to do, there was a lot of room for boredom, back in those days travellers would take a large amount of books to read while travelling as well as a number of everyday objects [...]

Having Fun With Shannon O’ Donnell at Xplor Park.

Back in July we had the opportunity of spending a full day with one of our favorite travel bloggers in one of our favorite places in the Riviera Maya as it is Xplor Park, here is a recap of how was we were having fun with Shannon O´Donnell from A Little Adrift and her two [...]

15 Popular Mixed Drinks To Try In Latin America.

Latin America is a region that has an enormous variety of landscapes, cities, towns, climate, indigenous culture, colors and gastronomy that makes it so rich. That being said, we think it is a good idea to have a little recap on the most popular mixed drinks everyone who is travelling to the area should try. [...]

50 Most Amazing Places To Visit In The Americas

We love to travel but we also love to write down lists, therefore it wasn´t long before we thought it might be a good idea to make a bucketlist of the most amazing places to visit around the Americas at least once in a lifetime. The final 30 go as follows: North America Spotted Lake, [...]

Conscious Travel: The Special Olympics World Games

Over the last decade more and more people has decided to travel the world and experience it in their own unique, specially those who were on their “gap year” and baby boomers who decided to see the world on their retirement years. The terms “Voluntourism” and “Travelanthropy”  started to pop up, with a large number [...]

#WorldElephantDay – Elephant Pictures From Our Trip To Thailand

“Well he feels like an elephant Shaking his big grey trunk for the hell of it” Tame Impala Today is World Elephant Day and we couldn´t be more supportive of this anual event that creates awareness around african and asian elephants, these great animals are facing extintion and are currently being labeled under the cathegories [...]