4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations

Rules of packing for Cancun

Finally! It’s time that time of the year when you start all the preps for that trip to that piece of paradise called Cancun... so exciting! And you know how it goes:  “I have to take this, and this, just in case. I don’t know if I will use this, but it doesn’t occupy too much space in my suitcase. Also, the three pairs of shoes for the weekend and the sweater, cause, you know… maybe Cancun nights may be cold even at Summer. Don’t forget the 5 bikinis, I will not be photographed wearing the same more than twice! Oh my God… how do I pack all of this?”

To avoid this from happening on the day before making the trip, we recommend you follow some basic instructions that will make you enjoy the most of your Cancun vacations. It’s easy! Just think of you in every possible situation… like:  if you are going to be laying on the beach for the whole weekend… why would you pack lots of shoes? See where we’re heading? So, take note: Follow these 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations. (Maybe you can even skip customs if you know how to travel light).


4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations


Rule No. 1:

Bring only what’s necessary. To be honest: we often pack a suitcase knowing what are the essential things and the “Just in case”. Well, it’s ok to have some other changes just in case, but wearing a sweater to Cancun in Summer is totally different! It just occupies space in your suitcase, making it heavier, and you could use that space for something more important. Remember that you’ll spent most of the time at one of many gorgeous beaches! A nice hat to protect you from the sun may be a good idea though…

 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations

This is pretty much what you’ll be doing, so why pack more than the basics?

Rule No. 2:

Bring self-care products that you really can’t live without. Most resorts offer these amenities for free so you won’t need them, but we get that you may want o use your preferred shampoo brand. Just remember to pour it in small 100ml bottles or you’ll have to leave them at the airport. And don’t forget to pack everything in a plastic bag to prevent spills which could stain your clothes.


 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations

Resorts in Cancun offer Soap, Shampoo, Shower Gel. Towels. Don’t bring any!

Rule No. 3:

Avoid bringing food. Especially if it is not vacuum packed. Changes in temperature can cause food to spoil or lose liquid or grease and stain all our clothing.

 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations

Sandals, sunscreen, hat, camera and basic fresh clothes are all you need.

Rule No. 4:

Always pack wet wipes or toilet paper. You may end up needing it. Not all public restrooms or hostels are always equipped with toilet paper (trust us on this) but it can also help in the event of casual food stains.  Also, it’s hot here! so paper or towels are very useful to clean up the sweat. (You’ll thank us for that)

 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations

It’s gonna be hot! You’ll need something for the sweat.


So now you know. You don’t need to pack a lot to enjoy a great vacation Follow these 4 rules of packing for your Cancun vacations and you’ll almost be set! You can find more packing tips here. And remember that the less stuff you carry, the more room you’ll have to buy gifts and souvenirs!