3 Must to Do Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Have you ever been in Puerto Vallarta? You can find this amazing paradise near the Pacific Ocean, at the western Mexican coast. During your visit, you can do many activities in Puerto Vallarta, but a favorite for most people is visiting the Marietas Islands. In addition, you can take a walk on the beach riding a horse. If you prefer sports, you can practice snorkeling, scuba diving, rappel and more adventurous activities.

One of the main reasons of why you have to visit Marietas Islands is because of its unique ecosystem with tropical wildlife. There are completely inhabited islands where you can enjoy of humpback whales (during the season) and swim with dolphins. For these activities, it is only allowed to arrive each time by groups of a hundred of people, this will let you have time for relaxation in one of the most beautiful places in Mexico and the world.

Must to Do Activities in Puerto Vallarta

Must to Do Activities in Puerto Vallarta

If you prefer outdoor sports, we recommend to you experience the adrenaline of jumping through a zipline, to climb to great heights by rappel, enjoy water slides or getting immerse into scuba diving. These are good adventures to live with your friends or your couple.

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Also, you can take a Horseback riding tour for 6 hours and a half at El Salto and enjoy a cold beer and chips in an awesome place. This activity includes a lunch with homemade typical dishes from Jalisco.

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If you want to know more unbelievable activities to do in Puerto Vallarta, we invite you to check all of our activities in Puerto Vallarta.